Breakfast of (Tech) Champions

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From the folks at the AOL Fishbowl Labs:

Is there really anything better than free breakfast? Ask any college student, or even any startup founder and the answer will most likely be “no.” But free breakfast, AND a sprinkle of international startup fever is a recipe that brings investors and young companies running. Welcome to TechBreakfast, the ingenuity that is breakfast and tech demos in one.
The average networking event is somewhat awkward. Unless you find yourself in a particularly engaging group of people, such events rarely result in beneficial connections. However, networking under the guise of bagels, donuts, and coffee, works like a charm.

Here is where TechBreakfast comes in to play. Area VC’s, aspiring entrepreneurs, local businesspeople, and tech aficionados gather together in an event that allows early-stage startups to announce their products to people who matter. Breakfast is catered by Panera, and after time to digest, the event begins with introductions.  Each presenting start up is given five minutes for a demo, and is then given the opportunity to answer questions and listen to audience suggestions for improvement. To maximize the time between presentations, sponsors and local companies give “shoutouts” to announce employment opportunities or local event.


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