On Leadership: The “Positivity” of Baltimore, a Conversation with Ron Schmelzer, Founder of TechBreakfast

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Ron Schmelzer has traded his job for his hobby. Feeling that Greater Baltimore lacked a high energy, interactive, engaging place to hear interesting business ideas and network with others, he founded a monthly TechBreakfast series. He did it in his spare time after building the newest in a string of software companies. But then these TechBreakfasts took on a life of their own and the hobby and the job switched places. I sat down with Ron around the holidays to understand not only the shift between job and passion, but since TechBreakfasts are now held in almost a dozen cities, I was curious about how Baltimore stands up over all that coffee.

Mash Up. Ron describes these TechBreakfasts as a chance to “interact with your peers in a monthly morning breakfast meetup.”  At these monthly breakfasts, he continues, “techies, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs share and learn from their peers through show and tell / show-case style presentations.” If you haven’t been to one (and you should) they’re a kinder version of shark tank where attention is as much around who’s in the room as it is on the companies presenting.

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