TechBreakfast Promotes STEM Education

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It’s no secret our country’s public schools are failing to educate many of our most promising students. Decades of education reform measures have cost millions, yielding at best mixed academic success. Post-industrial cities like Baltimore have been hardest hit in the wake of a shrinking tax base. Education funding has decreased while the number of families living below the poverty line has increased.
However, there is some encouraging news to share. A group of forward thinking business leaders from the technology community are actively seeking funds from their peers to help support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math) in Baltimore City Public Schools.

Ron Schmelzer, the founder of TechBreakfast is the mastermind behind this innovative approach to improve our underfunded schools. Each week TechBreakfast will feature on its website one local Baltimore City School looking to raise money for a specific STEM project on

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Author: Ron Schmelzer

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