From the Minds of Ideaxis: Tech Breakfast 7/11

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Following up on their previous article, TechBreakfast presenter Ideaxis writes more about their TechBreakfast experiences:

How do you know you’ve got a room full of entrepreneurs? When they all start suggesting ways that each of the companies in the room could collaborate their apps. I mean, what’s better than an online conference planner, that teaches you step-by-step how to cook a recipe, with the ability to blast audio to all nearby mobile devices, that can be refinanced with the click of a button, and an online app exchange to host it on? Be honest, it sounds pretty cool. But in fact, each of those components made up one of the companies presenting at Tech Breakfast Thursday morning.

The audience may have had some great ideas for the first four presentations, but we had a few tricks too. iDEAXiS presented last, which meant people were checking emails and the coffee was starting to wear off. We knew this coffee-lag would happen (mostly based off personal experience) and planned ahead. Seda (our fantastic VP) began the presentation by asking everyone to put their phones away and pay attention, but that one girl in the audience just wasn’t listening. Upon further investigation, we figured out she was an app builder and really struggling to find users. Well didn’t that work out nicely, as that’s exactly what iDEAXiS does! After a not-so-brief, but great, demo by Seda, it was revealed that the planted ‘app-builder’…was me! And apparently, there were quite a few people who “Knew (I) was with them right from the beginning!”. We may not have fooled everyone, but we certainly did get some laughs!

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