From the Minds of Ideaxis: Free Coffee?

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One of our presenters, Ideaxis wrote a great writeup of their recent TechBreakfast experience:

Tech Breakfast is a rapidly expanding group of startups and startup enthusiasts in the tech world who genuinely want to help each other. You “grab yer coffee and carbs”, as Ron says, greet a few people, and then sit and listen to four or five pitches. Startups get about seven minutes to pitch and then three minutes of Q&A, so that audience members can ask questions about the product and give feedback on the pitch. Many times someone will ask a question like an investor would that the startup hadn’t considered. After the pitches are finished, people walk around and talk to people they may have heard speak, ask a question, or have a shout-out about an open job or event.

These events are a great way to network with people you only want to network with. No more boxes of business cards sitting on a shelf. You get relationships with people who can help you, and probably a few who may need your help or expertise. Plus, free coffee and bagels…who can say no to that?

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Author: Ron Schmelzer

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