FTWDev Feature: Networking in Baltimore – Part 1 – Tech Breakfast

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A nice little feature on the TechBreakfast from the FTW Dev folks:

tl;dr – Networking in Baltimore is awesome. Check out Tech Breakfast. Where else should we be networking?

Tech Breakfast is a monthly breakfast that has regular events in DC, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Columbia, and of course Baltimore. It is run by a former client, Ron Schmelzer of Bizelo whom we love and with whom we continue to have a great relationship. The event has a demo-based format, showcasing regional technology with a slight focus on startups and personal projects while still featuring plenty of larger more established companies, such as Graphene Frontiers or Millennial Media. The demos ensure that the presentations are engaging, and Ron keeps them relatively short. There are community updates and shout-outs throughout, giving the community at large an opportunity to interact. Afterwards, there is plenty of time to network and talk with presenters or other attendees.

All around, Tech Breakfast provides a relaxed environment, complete with coffee, orange juice, and bagels. I’m planning on going to DC Tech Breakfast and have been thinking about exploring the region more broadly as well (Philadelphia or Virginia). If your business is focused on technological development or you’d just like another venue to meet new people, I’d recommend it.

Read more here at the FTW Dev site: http://www.ftwdev.com/networking-in-baltimore-part-1-tech-breakfast/

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