There’s Plenty of Innovation Going On In Washington—You Just Have to Know Where to Find It

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From a post at Customer Think by Andrew Rudin:

Sequestration. Bloated agencies. The Fiscal Cliff. When it comes to inefficiency and wasteful spending, my city, Washington DC, beats your city. In fact, economist Milton Friedman once quipped that if you randomly grouped any three or four alphabetic characters, you would name a Federal agency that, if eliminated, would never be missed. But despite Washington’s well-deserved reputation for stultifying red tape, our region has become a thriving innovation hub.

Friedman would be surprised, if not amazed. For entrepreneurs housed in the region’s start-up incubators, tech acronyms like API, XML, AJAX, and HTML are just as likely to hold important meaning as Federal ones like FDA, OSHA, FCC, and BLS. And the focus on entrepreneurship and technology starts early. Last month, Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a public magnet school, hosted its first Hackathon “in which whoever makes the coolest product wins.” Over 140 students participated in the 24-hour event, and sponsors, which included Facebook, MoDev, Amazon Web Services, and Sapient, awarded prizes.

And continuing …

For companies ready to move beyond the innovation starting gate, a well-established regional venture capital community assists in funding them. Lately, I’ve attended some local TechBreakfasts that showcase early-stage companies, and offer the same excitement as grade school show-and-tell, adding great adult perks like caffeine and conversations about money.

Read more including Andrew Rudin’s thoughts on the companies presenting at TechBreakfast at the Customer Think post here.

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