TechBreakfast Fuels Entrepreneur Ecosystem: Modern DC Business

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Modern DC Business wrote an excellent piece on TechBreakfast in their recent online issue. Highlights:

While a number of initiatives designed to foster a vibrant statup ecosystem have launched in the past couple of years, TechBreakfast stands out has having achieved real momentum. Founded by ‘parallel’ entrepreneur Ron Schmelzer, the Meetup began in 2011 with 10 people sitting around a table in Baltimore. Since then TechBreakfast has grown to more than 2,300 registered members and monthly Meetups in Baltimore, MD; Columbia, MD; Washington, DC; Northern Virginia; and most recently, Philadelphia.

The group’s growth rate demonstrates how much this area needs a venue for sharing ideas in a pitch-free environment. Assuming a constant growth rate of more than 200 new registrants per month, TechBreakfast will have more than 4,000 members by year-end. My bet is that there will be a lot more members given Schmelzer’s plans to add bring TechBreakfast to New York, NY; Boston, MA; Austin, TX, and Silicon Valley in the near term… and up to 40 cities longer-term.

And, quoting TechBreakfast founder Ronald Schmelzer:

“There’s a lot of tech going on in this area, but it’s diffused and the communities don’t talk to each other,” he notes. “It’s not as easy to get your hands around the ecosystem … and geography is a contributing factor… Density creates random collisions among people, which in turn, creates opportunity. I started this morning meetup because I wanted to see what my peers were doing.”

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